Msmb FAQ's

How many times a week can you use the Facial Steamer?

It depends on your skin type. For dry and sensitive skin, it is best to test once or twice a week at first. The best way is to test the skin reaction. It is important to use a moisturizer after the facial sauna.


What is the temperature of the steam ? 

The temperature of the steam is about 40-50 ℃. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a distance of 20-30 cm between the Vaporizer and your face to avoid any skin burnings.


How do I add essential oils?

In order to make the Steam Facial Sauna last longer, we recommend that you put essential oils on the card when you take it out of the spray (the card is in your packaging).


Is the Rosa Steam Vaporizer compatible with dry or dehydrated skin?

Yes absolutely! It is a device which delivers water steam in order to widen your pores to better clear your skin and thus to allow you a cleaning of that one in depth even to extract with less effort possible black spots. The fact of benefiting from water vapour will not dry out your skin or even increase its sensitivity; it is rather your method of cleansing and the products you use afterwards that you should pay attention to.


What is special about a Skin Spray?

The facial spray converts water into micro-fine water molecules to soften the cuticle, open and clean your pores and moisturise your skin to make it so supple and radiant.