Rosa - Facial Steamer

  • Rosa - Ionic Facial Steamer
  • Rosa - Ionic Facial Steamer
  • Rosa - Ionic Facial Steamer

Rosa - Ionic Facial Steamer

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+10K satisfied customers

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Clara J.

The vaporizer is incredibly efficient. It really does produce a lot of steam. My skin is much cleaner and revitalised !

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Lena H.

Very good. The flow rate and temperature of the steam are perfect. The steam time produced is also perfect. Better than those I have bought before.

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Sherry L.

I really enjoy the Rosa facial sauna and do it almost every week. It relaxes, rests the lines and cleanses deeply and gently!

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Tara M.

The result is nice once the session is done on the face. I also use it in the house with a few drops of essential oil to purify and humidify the room.

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Sara K.

It's useful for cleansing the skin but I also use it to relax after a hard day. The heat on my face has a way of relaxing me. I really like this device.

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Myriam H.

I bought the Rosa to replace the one I had and what a surprise! In addition to having a beautiful design, it is easy to use. The essential oils that go with it are gentle and suitable for different uses.

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